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1964 Fender Jazzmaster Guitar


Are you interested in the 1964 Fender Jazzmaster Guitar? If you are, what are you waiting for? The best expression of your love is to BUY IT NOW!!!

The 1964 Fender Jazzmaster Guitar is pre-CBS custom color Olympic White with a particular example correspondence doll, serial number L14509, is in excellent condition 100% Brand original and includes the blonde hard shell case Original, vintage bracelet, a cable NSA Vintage reel in the original bag, the original cover bridge chrome, the original vibrato arm, and the original hang tag! This Olympic White Jazzmaster no problems, is an example almost new very attractive, perfect for players and collectors, so do not miss this opportunity to own one of the best plucked instruments Fender for a very reasonable price.

The 1964 Fender Jazzmaster Guitar is great for players who prefer originality, the frets will not need replacement, and gray coils pickups are strong and sensitive. The finish shows a slight patina resulting in an attractive cream color, which is almost perfectly intact. The equipment is fully functional. The guitar is light very resonant, and is as close as it gets to the pre-CBS Jazzmaster quintessential regarding both form and function. Undeniably beautiful with its Olympic White / Tortoise / Brazilian Rosewood cosmetic configuration, it is both beautiful and unique.