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Fender Jazzmaster Amp


Are you attracted by the Fender Jazzmaster Amp? It is an unique electric guitar and a lot of people love it. If you want to own it, contact us to buy it now!!! We can custom-made as your requires.

You’ll appreciate the Fender Jazzmaster Amp on your way to the gig, and love it when you start playing. It weighs just 7-1/2 pounds, gives you a sparkling clean channel, a tube emulated drive channel with Twin voicing, a block of 16 digital effects, and lots o’ watts. It is voiced for jazz and guitarists who like to keep it clean. High- and low-gain inputs, XLR line out with level and ground lift, DSP effects on each channel, tuner jack with mute, headphone jack, 3-band EQ on each channel, 3-button footswitch footswitch for channel switching and effects on/off, and Speakon-style Switchcraft output connectors. Special docking system keeps it firmly fastened to the Fender Jazzmaster Amp cabinet.

There is the Fender Jazzmaster Amp Features:
250W @ 2 ohms internal
2 channels
High- and low-gain inputs
Speaker-emulated XLR line out with level control and ground lift
3-band EQ on each channel
Gain on drive channel
Volume on both channels
DSP effects on each channel
Effects level control on each channel
DSP select on each channel
Tuner output with mute
Headphone output
Switch craft locking speaker connectors