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Fender Jazzmaster Avri Guitar


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The Fender Jazzmaster Avri intended to be a solid alternative to the hollow body archtop that were so pervasive among jazz guitarists. Telecaster and Stratocaster as had been done in other popular music genres, Fender hoped to launch a revolution in jazz guitar at the expense of Gibson competitors. While the Jazzmaster has never taken among its target audience, Jazzmasters were more successful in the booming surf music based in California and instrumental rock scene of the late 1950s and early 1960s were Fender Headquarters located in Southern California, and Leo Fender actively solicited input and advice from local players in the follow-design of the Jazzmaster, the Jaguar.

The Fender Jazzmaster Avri was officially abandoned in September 1980. The Jazzmaster was reintroduced in 1984 as a 1962 model of the Japanese reissue Fender factory. American Vintage Series release was introduced in 1999. In 2007, Fender has announced plans for a Thin skin ‘Jazzmaster reissue with vintage nitrocellulose finish. The finish of the series is also avri nitro, but a Thin skin has a thin nitro coat than usual.