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Fender Jazzmaster Body


Are you a electric guitar player? Do you know the Fender Jazzmaster Body Guitar? It is a characteristic guitar, a lot of players collect it. If you want to collect it, too. GIVE US AN E-MAIL!!!

The Fender Jazzmaster Body Guitar sound is similar to a strat single coil yet has it’s own character. Not sure how it compares to a Fender Jazzmaster though. Great for punchy, jangly cleans or distortion. I was surprised by how different each pickup selection sounded. Which is a good thing as it gives the guitar a lot of tonal variety to play with.

The Fender Jazzmaster Body guitar finish is gloss top to bottom which is fine. mine has a couple of poly blobs on the fret board but they don’t affect playability at all. It weighs about 7lbs. The offset body is comfortable and balances well. Got this guitar as a doth for a low, low price. I would buy it again as it’s a keeper! I’m giving it 5 stars. For the sale price, the quality is above average, it sounds good, and it plays well.

There is the Fender Jazzmaster Body Guitar Features
Alder body with Jazzmaster shape
Full scale maple neck shaped to a C profile
Duncan Designed JM-101B single-coil Jazzmaster pickups
Concentric volume/tone knobs and 3-position pickup toggle
Chrome hardware including vintage-style tuning machines