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Fender Jazzmaster For Jazz


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The Fender Jazzmaster For Jazz electric guitar is as a dear brother to the Fender Stratocaster. First introduced at the NAMM Show 1958, it was originally marketed in the jazz guitarists, but found the favor of early surf rock guitarists of the 1960s Its appearance is similar to the Jaguar, but it is tonal and physically different to many technical respects.

The “offset size of the” streamlined body was conceived for comfort while playing a guitar while sitting, like many Fender Jazzmaster For Jazz and blues artists prefer to do. A full 25 “Scale length, lead and rhythm circuit switching with independent volume control. The tone and a floating tremolo with tremolo lock were other keys to the character of the Jazzmaster. Blocking tremolo can be activated manually to keep all the guitar breaks out false if a chain only. The Fender Jazzmaster For Jazz has also had an extra long tremolo arm. The bridge and tremolo is very different from that of the Stratocaster and gives a different resonant Jazzmaster and generally less sustain.