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Fender Jazzmaster Special


Our shop is a guitar custom shop, you can custom-made the guitar which you like in our shop. There I will recommend you a suitable and beautiful guitar that is the Fender Jazzmaster Special Guitar. If you want to collection it, give us an e-mail!!!

Fender Jazzmaster Special is an electric guitar that updates the iconic Fender Jazzmaster model with some good modern improvements: the hottest pickups, a redesigned Adjusto-Matic bridge with floating tremolo tailpiece, a “radius fingerboard 9.5 and improved neck pocket with increased back-angle for improved stability and sustain. The Fender Jazzmaster Special tremolo plate guitar Classic Player Jazzmaster was moved near the bridge to increase break angle and sustain. A screw tremolo arm increases stability and cons The when “twang-dipping.”

The last time I player a Fender Jazzmaster Special Guitar was 20 odd years ago and wanted one ever since. This came and I found it to be a perfect fit for Church and Jazz, It’s very versatile and the taller body style fits right under my arms very comfortable. The pickguard came pretty scratched up which took away from the new feel, if I have scratches on my pickguard, I want to be the one who put them there. Other than that, this baby is tone city with a lot of character.