Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster


Are you attracted by the Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster? It is an unique electric guitar and a lot of people love it. If you want to own it, contact us to buy it now!!! We can custom-made as your requires.

The Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster is an electric guitar that updates Fender’s iconic Jazzmaster model with some thoroughly modern improvements: Hotter pickups, a redesigned Adjusto-Matic bridge with floating tremolo tailpiece, a 9.5″ fingerboard radius and an improved neck pocket with increased back-angle for improved stability and sustain. The Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster guitar’s tremolo plate has been moved closer to the bridge to increase break angle and sustain. A screw-in tremolo arm increases stability and control when “twang-dipping”.

A Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster guitar buyer review that he never gave a 5 star rating, but he was so impressed with the Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster, I tried one of these. They have a quality feel and tone. Not a juvenile heavy metal tone, but a smooth, sensitive full tone for Blues, Jazz, Surf. I have found the sound and playability I love.

Another Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster buyer review that he had wanted a Jazzmaster for 8 years, and after trying out this guitar I knew it was time to get one. The feel is great, it’s weighted perfectly, the tone is awesome, and even though it’s a Jazzmaster, you can get tons of different sounds out of this guitar to suit your needs.

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