Fender Jazzmaster Wiki


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The Fender Jazzmaster Wiki body is larger than other Fender guitars, requiring a larger guitar case. The Jazzmaster had large white single microphones Of soapbar “that was unlike any other single coil. Jazzmaster pickups are often confused with Gibson P-90 pickups. Although they are similar, they are built different. So that the pole pieces of Jazzmaster pickups are magnets, the P-90 has its magnets placed under the battery JM.

The Fender Jazzmaster Wiki coil is wound flat and wide, even more than the P-90. This is in contrast with the large coils size and fine usual fender. This “pancake liquidation” gives them a warmer tone thick single coil without losing clarity. The Jazzmaster has a tone softer than the more jazzy Strat, even if it not has not been widely adopted by jazz musicians. Instead, rock guitarists have adopted for surfing rock. The main aspect that deterred jazz players was the tendency of the Jazzmaster to produce feedback, particularly if the body cavity were left without shielding. More magnetic experimental rock artists mind as Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine later embraced it as a new fa is to color their music.

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