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Fender Jazzmaster 66 Reissue


Are you interested in the Fender Jazzmaster 66 Reissue? If you are, what are you waiting for? The best expression of your love is to BUY IT NOW!!!

You should heard the Fender Jazzmaster 66 Reissue. It provides high quality craftsmanship and classic offset Fender tones that have spanned many decades and genres. The look is accomplished by a 3 tone sunburst finish that highlights the grain of an alder body. This Jazzmaster’s neck is maple,surrounded by ivory binding and even displays its block inlays on the rosewood board. Fender Japan also takes the vintage route with the neck, employing 21 vintage frets and a 7.25″ radius board while the back is shaped to an oval profile. The Jazzmaster sound comes from its famous two circuit layout, where the neck pickup receives an independent volume and tone that can be used as a preset.

The Fender Jazzmaster 66 Reissue’s body has some considerable wear at the edges and some wear on the cover of the game, but seems good for most. The back has some light eruption loop and minor turf but no damage or repair. The neck has a few small chips and a good amount of small bumps, but overall still very bright. The doll has scratches and bumps around the edge, but nice. This Fender Jazzmaster 66 Reissue is looking good!