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Fender Jazzmaster Green Guitar


Do you have a suitable and beautiful electric guitar? If you are not, the Fender Jazzmaster Green Guitar is a good choice. If you want to own it, CONTACT US NOW!!!

With “lead” separate circuits and “rhythm” sound versatility of the Fender Jazzmaster Green Guitar is worthy of attention. Each circuit has of control the tone and volume independent, further enhancing the flexibility of the guitar. When using the “rhythm” circuit, only the neck pickup is selected, the classical guitar buttons are bypassed, and the tone and volume are moderated by two commands unique dial. Because the Fender Jazzmaster Green Guitar use separate controls for each channel, you can quickly switch to a volume and tone “preset” for setting rhythmic play.

Curvaceous, distinctive, and cool, the Fender Jazzmaster Green Guitar’s off-set waist body isn’t just stylish, it’s also well-balanced and remarkably comfortable. Although stable and balanced when played in a standing position utilizing a guitar strap, you’ll quickly discover that the Jazzmaster feels especially comfortable when you play it in a seated position, as many jazz and blues artists prefer to do.

There is the Fender Jazzmaster Green Guitar Features:
Off-set waist body provides balance and comfort
Locking “floating” tremolo bridge maintains intonation
Jazzmaster pickups produce a broad, classic tone
Separate “Lead” and “Rhythm” circuits provide tonal versatility
Fender/Gotoh tuning machines and 3-ply pickguard for accurate vintage appearance